What You can Expect from Me

Watching me set up my brand new blog with various tabs and headings, a friend looked cock-eyed at me, reading what I was typing, “Archives? Don’t you think that’s a little premature? You haven’t even written one word on your blog yet.”

“No”, I defended the move, “No I don’t think it’s premature. It’s a mark of intention – a sign of commitment – a promise of longevity!

I did lots of homework before I flung open the door to my world to invite you in, dear reader. Kind of like if you were coming by for coffee and a visit, I would tidy up and make us something yummy to eat – to make our time together more enjoyable.

I know there are lots of options out there, and I really appreciate your stopping by to see what’s going on in my little corner of the world – and sharing a bit about your own experiences, hopes, challenges and dreams.

My hope is that we can mutually edify one another, offer up some encouragement as we journey along this path called life, and give a bit of reprieve to the busyness of our days.

Confession: I have an odd sense of humor; I will have to ask your grace up front, sometimes it comes out in the way I intended; sometimes not. Laughter is such a gift ~ I hope we use it well together to give cheer to the weary soul and invigorate the downtrodden spirit.

I have found that tears are a marvelous gift as well – they may bubble up unbidden, but that is the mark of a tender spirit (at least that’s what I keep telling myself since I cry far too easily). Not that we want to be slobbering all over our keyboards; but certainly, if our souls are touched, let’s not rush to squash the resulting evidence of being so moved. Tears are healing, nourishing and help give expression to the feelings of our hearts.

So welcome, dear reader; together we can explore the vast regions of parenting, marriage, life experiences. We can share our interests and thoughts, encouragements and exhortations…and hopefully, come away a little more refined, a bit more sharpened, slowly looking more like our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Hang around a bit – and if you find it a refreshing spot to linger, invite your friends to join us; I’ll be asking some of mine to stop by too. (If you’ve bothered to read this far, it makes me think we might become good friends.) I welcome your comments and hope we can spur one another on in our pursuit of living purposefully for Christ, using our opportunities with our children to their full potential and being a blessing to those in our world ~

Let’s talk…you know – between friends.


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