Waiting on God’s Timing…Always an Adventure!


God presented more chances for us to rely on His timing, as we had to wait for our house to sell. This meant that the kids and I stayed behind in Wisconsin for 8 months, while Mark lived out in California, searching the area, learning the job and coming home to see us every other weekend.

There were still days during this stretch that were difficult and lonely, especially for Mark. He was the pioneer, exploring on his own, missing his family and all that was familiar; at least the rest of us were in a holding pattern in our own comfortable home and familiar routine. Not to say that we were just sitting around taking it easy; no, I was saddled with the enormous (read: impossible) task of keeping our home presentable for an entire 8 months.

Selling a house with five young children who don’t stop living just because there’s a sign in the front yard inviting strangers to enter at a moment’s notice was challenging, let me tell you! I learned in a hurry some pretty creative ways to hide clutter as realtors would call giving me a 5 minute notice and were walking up our sidewalk; and struggled through numerous times we spent hours cleaning the entire house only to have a scheduled showing cancel at the last minute. There were times I wondered if God was paying attention to all the hard things we were going through – this was supposed to be an adventure, wasn’t it? Well then, where was the fun??

More than one conversation was filled with doubt and “did we make the right choice?” kinds of questions. Again and again, we reminded each other that God never promised that ‘easy’ would be part of the equation of walking in trust and faith.

My faith deepened through that valley; God showed Himself faithful again and again, and I knew He hadn’t left us…we just needed to wait on His timing. Philippians 4:19: “My God will supply all your needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus” Well how deep is that supply?? Endless! I just needed to be patient and wait trustingly.

Finally, right at the end of that school year, our house sold – it was perfect timing really; the kids were able to finish school and a week later, the movers came. We were going to be able to spend the entire summer searching for a new house, hopefully getting settled before school started fresh for the kids again in the fall ~ Thank you Lord!

Mark flew home to help wrap up details, and, eagerly, we made our Good-byes to our loved ones with tears and trepidation and embraced the new adventure that lay before us.

Are there times you feel like God’s timing is all off? Sometimes it helps when we take a look back over our shoulder to see His faithfulness to us in the past…to build our faith stronger for the unknown future we are facing. Can you remember a time of God’s faithfulness in your life? Let’s talk…you know – between friends.