Flash: Catch the Latest News on Kitchen Sinks!


I really do know my way fairly well around a kitchen – but it might not always appear so, as this little story attests.

Helping for my first time with lunch duty at the school kitchen, I was washing dishes in the left of 3 very deep sinks. It was quite full of still fairly clean water after I had finished washing everything that had been sitting on the counter. I asked Dolores, who was in charge, if there were any more dishes to do; she said, “No, you can empty the sink out.”

Right then, I saw that middle sink had a few crumbs in the bottom, so rather than using the faucet and wasting fresh water, I cupped my hands and started to pour handfuls of the water from the full sink into the middle sink to wash them away.

Dolores watched me for a few seconds then said with not a little despair in her voice at what appeared to be the new nitwit they’d just gotten in to help with lunch duty, “Oh honey- you don’t have to do it that way- there is a little plug down in the bottom of the sink – you just have to pull it up and out!”

Vastly amused, I assured her that indeed, I knew about that handy little plug, and we enjoyed a moment of hearty laughter together as she understood what I was attempting to do. It brought to mind the words in Proverbs 17:22 “A joyful heart is good medicine…”

Followers of Christ ought to be the most Joy filled people around! God has granted us freedom from the bondage of fear, depression, anxiety; He has given us New life in Christ Jesus! What a wondrous thing!

That’s not to say that life doesn’t have burdens and difficulties, there’s no denying that it certainly does. But what is our response to those trials? Are we seeing them as opportunities to rely more heavily on God’s strength and trust that He has a plan for us, even right through the tough situation? Our Hope lies in a better place ~ Here on Earth where life has pain, we can trust God’s grace to carry us through, and after our life here, if we have placed our trust in Christ’s payment for our sin, we have the certain hope of a future in Heaven with Him forever! I pray this poem is a blessing and reminder for each of us who are followers of Jesus ~

What do you think when you see the plight

Of our fellow humans who suffer the blight

Of this earth and her troubles? Of pain and distress

Of disease and poverty, anguish and death?


As they wander and ponder the meaning of life,

Observe all the scandal, partake of the strife

They can glimpse of the beauty that lies all around

But have no understanding, no footing, no ground


They persist in the cycle but long to be free –

What must they think of you and of me

When they see that true JOY can exist in this place,

Despite all the trials and chaos and waste?


Are we fragrant? Inviting? Attractive? Or no –

Do we carry deep sorrow and reek of the woe

That they long to escape? I must ask this dear friend –

Does your life reflect hope for a better end?


Do we bask in God’s goodness despite earthly pain?

Trust that our Savior has a perfect plan?

Keep our eyes trained on heaven where eternity dwells?

Are we offering Hope while the world offers Hell?


This world’s pains are hard, prolonged and deep,

But for those without hope this is the best they will see –

Are we sharing our faith while there is still time?

Or getting bogged down in the muck and the grime?


Are we resting in Him when the storm swirls around?

Clinging to Him when our enemies hound?

Running to Him when lonely and scared?

Praying and soaking our mind in His Word?

Storing His Scriptures away in our hearts

When the enemy comes with his fiery darts?


Do we thank him – Yes – Thank Him for allowing us pain

That would tether us to Him again and again?

This is difficult – No: an Impossible task –

Except we have Jesus to whom we can ask

To Carry our burden and fix our eyes,

So our load becomes His   ~ He’s our Fortress and Prize!


Rejoice in the Gifts that His love has bought –

Oh friend – this is BIG – has your heart been caught?

We have The Answer, The Hope and The Key~

Are we sharing with prisoners that they can be free?


Bondage and heartache should not be the plight

For the child of Jesus who is offered delight –

Yes – delight that our troubles though hard and so deep,

Are temporary afflictions – they will not keep!


Our hope lies in a future place

Where pain does not live, where sorrows cease!

Where tests and tears do not abound,

Where heartache and death cannot be found!


Where His Will is done and perfection reigns,

Where Right does rule and joy remains!

This place does exist and it’s free to the one

Who would come to the cross and believe in The Son

Who has paid All the debt we owe for our sin –

Impossible yes – but not for Him!


He’s building a mansion – working details out –

And soon He will come back with a shout!

And take us home to be with Him there –

Can you picture it friend? Are you fixing your stare-

Toward the place we’ll reside forevermore?


No more death or mourning or crying or pain!

Where glory goes on and on and on!

Rejoice in this Truth and Share it with Men –

Who need to hear it again and again!


So I ask once more time – what does your life say?

Are you trusting in Jesus or throwing it away?

Get your eyes off your troubles, get your knees on the floor –

Seek Jesus – you’ll find Him – His grace ~ and Much more!


By sarah depledge