Blog Building 101


I’m not sure exactly what transpired in the night while I slept…

Yesterday, I learned about all the many things that tower before me to get a book that I wrote published. I need to “Build a Blog”, “Weave a Webpage” and expand my “Platform”… (I confess, I wasn’t even certain what some of that meant…)

“Why did I need to become a woman with a toolbox full of skills I didn’t know how to use?” I asked myself. One word came to mind: Overwhelmed. And, since I have the tendency to be a spineless ‘fraidy cat who allows the unknown to stop me in my tracks, I hugged my pillow, informed God I was quitting and fell asleep, ready to bid goodbye to my life-long dream…and awoke as if a God-version of Red Bull had been pouring into my backbone all night long!

Build a blog? Mere child’s play! Weave a webpage? I’m ready to loom whatever I need! I sit at my keyboard in trepidation no more! Fearlessly, I will do whatever it takes (well, keeping it legal of course!) to follow this path!

 Today…Today is a new day to chase my dreams wherever they may lead me!

I think to myself: Oh! This would be a cool time to crush an empty Red Bull can for emphasis, but alas, I drink tea.

Sometime during the years that I was busy doing something…??   Oh I know! (Palm smack to head) I was raising 5 children from birth to reasonably independent…and somehow, while I was doing that gargantuan undertaking, the world of Literary publishing changed enough shades to make even the color gray blush. (No, I did not read that book, I just use it as an example to make my point that the book world has morphed big time!)

And isn’t that how life often is? The familiar fades, the ‘certain’ shifts into uncertainty, what we knew – or thought we did, becomes a stranger to us.

This makes me evermore grateful we serve an Immutable God who does NOT ever change. He is the Same Yesterday, Today and Forever.

He said He will supply all my needs always, even in a world of shifting sand. His Word is the Strongest Tool in my toolbox, so I can push on pursuing this goal, because He is with me, and will equip me for whatever He has called me to do…. Philippians 4:13 reminds me, “I can do All things through Christ who strengthens me!”

Are you chasing the dreams God has given you? If so ~ Push on my friend! And feel free to share – it may encourage me to keep after mine! If not… let’s talk…you know- between friends.