All Things Beautiful


“The Clock, knowing full well it was to be the last week the family would have together for a long while, pushed itself to it’s limits to speed along in a reckless frenzy, popping the minutes off in a well-rehearsed, methodical way…Alas, when only a handful remained, it sounded tauntingly: the entire stretch of days was gone. Once again, Time had lacked any patient sympathy. It simply wasn’t in it’s nature to dawdle.”

I wrote the above little ditty toward the end of the time we had with our two oldest home for break. Even as I lamented the quick passing of time to spend with them, I was rejoicing that they are both in a marvelous season of learning and preparing for their futures.

It is exciting to watch our children venturing out on their own, exploring all that God has planned for them!

As a mom, sometimes my heart wants to hold too closely to the present, and not let go… but then, I would miss out on all the marvelous things that are to come!
Isn’t it such a comfort to know that God makes all things beautiful in His time…Ecclesiastes 3:11 reminds us that we cannot see or know all that He is doing and has done, from beginning to end. We serve an infinite God, who is powerful, and omniscient – and loving. We need to fully trust Him, and not lean on our own feeble understanding.
Let’s lean in to our ever-loving God and thank Him for Today, and trust him with tomorrow… for we can’t see what He’s doing, but we know it will be Glorious!
Do you ever struggle with wanting to hold on to the way things are, and resist changes that are coming? Let’s talk… you know – between friends.